A coil spring (3)



spring (plural springs)

  1. Traditionally the first of the four seasons, typically regarded as being from March 21 to June 20 in Northern Hemisphere regions and from September 21 to December 20 in Southern Hemisphere regions.
  2. A place where water emerges from the ground.
  3. A mechanical device made of flexible material that exerts force when it is bent.
  4. (nautical) A rope attachig the bow of a vessel to the stern-side of the jetty, or viceversa, to stop the vessel from swaying.
  5. (slang) an erection.

6 letters in word "spring": G I N P R S.

No anagrams for spring found in this word list.

Words found within spring:

gi gin gins gip gips girn girns gis grin grins grip grips gris in ins is nip nips nis pi pig pigs pin ping pings pins pir pirn pirns pirs pis prig prigs psi rig rigs rin ring rings rins rip rips risp si sign sin sing sip sir snig snip spin sprig sri

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